John Muir Foundation Music Program

The John Muir Foundation is grateful for so many things this year.  Most of all, the launching of our music program on Nov 3rd.  It couldn't have been possible without your support!

Music Program!

What you need to know:

·      The deadline for returning the Thanks for Giving Boxes was November 28th.   
·      We hope you will reach out to friends and family during this Thanksgiving break for their support
·      Your family goal is to raise $80
·      However, any amount is deeply appreciated and will positively support our students
·      Our Principal, Mrs. Shahijanian, has agreed to dye her hair either blue, red, purple or pink if we have an 80%         school participation
·      The student that raises the most will be Principal for the day
·      You can also make an online donation at

Thank you and we wish you a happy Thanksgiving holiday! 

Reach out to family, friends and neighbors for donations