John Muir Foundation Music Program

The MIKE program was developed in 2016 by the John Muir Elementary Foundation (JMEF). Responses from the parent/teacher surveys conducted both in 2016 and 2017 identified music as a top area for Foundation to invest funding.  MIKE’s initial program launched to all 1st & 2nd-grade students and as of January 2018, has expanded to TK – 3rd grades.

MIKE is led by Ms. Sara Campbell, a credentialed bilingual teacher, professional opera singer and concert soloist. MIKE's primary objective is to develop students' basic music competence, so they can sing in tune and keep rhythm. A secondary objective is to improve language development for both Spanish and English Language Learners.

By learning songs in the target language, students connect culturally to the language and improve fluency.  Music is vital for children’s education; it encourages cognitive development, increases overall academic performance, promotes creativity, and influences higher reading and math scores. 

JMEF will continue to support the MIKE program. We are working to identify technology opportunities and additional school needs to support as funding becomes available. 

Reach out to family, friends, and neighbors for donations